Freelance Accountant

posted: 10/13/2020

Accounting and taxes are not in the skill chest of the co-founding owners. We are looking for someone who has these skills and will work on a freelance basis. As we grow, truth be told, the first company full-time hire will be accounting. At this time, however, we are not that big. But we do want things done right the first time so we can concentrate on what we do know how to do best, create content, build our brand. We'd love a fellow plant-eater to keep our taxes and numbers straight.

Position open until filled

Featured Artists

posted: 10/13/2020

Calling all plant-based artists in MN and within 25 miles of the MN border who produce work in the most sustainable way art can be sustained. Not only in the sustainable way that the artwork can be enjoyed for a couple generations but also produced so that 3,000 years from now it will have nestled back into the earth without damage to the earth and having produced merely a memory in time while it was “alive.” We will only sell your quality reproductions, your original artwork is under your control and if we receive inquiries about your original work we will direct the customer to you, free from commission.

Open until all MN plant-based artists are represented